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  • Bookmarks Size: 2.7 cm (Width) x 4 cm (Height) - The Bookmarks are made of high quality synthetic paper, properly sealed onto the rubber magnet.
  • Card Holder Size: 8 cm (Width) x 16 cm (Height) - The Card Holder is now thicker and stronger for better support to the Bookmarks. The Card Holder contains 3-Part Information about Affirmations - General Description of the Meaning of Affirmations; 5 Useful Tips on Making Affirmations and Samples of Affirmations that Anyone could use or take as exemplar. There are 5 simple examples of Affirmations for each Chakra Centre.
  • BOOKMARKS are slim, lightweight and made of durable material for a long-lasting use. 7 Unique Designs to represent the 7 Chakras (Energy Centres) in the human body. The 8th Piece is a BONUS Design. Each Bookmark design is unique with its Mandala pattern on one side and an Affirmation on the other.
  • HANDY Pocket-size Bookmarks Set. Easy to carry around. Ideal for Books as page-markers, Calendars, Journals, even as Gifts or Refrigerator Magnets
  • 7 Unique Designs for the Energy Centres (Chakras) in the human body. The 8-piece design is a bonus. Each Chakra has different set of Personal Affirmations.

MY AFFIRMATIONS Bookmarks Set by MAGnerds™ is a complementary resource for anyone looking to learn about making the right Affirmations to create positive impact on one's life. Our first 3 designs provide basic and general information related to the energy centres (Chakras) in the human body, while this set provides simple, easy-to-follow tips on HOW TO make your own Affirmations that can POSITIVELY improve your energy centres, giving you healthy balance of energy. Affirmations are known to be one of the many ways to create a lead towards achieving something. Positive Affirmations are important and necessary for the healthy well-being of our body, mind and spirit.

As with the earlier designs, we choose to retain the vibrant colours of the Chakras for the Bookmarks. The colours and symbols of the Chakras denote the 7 main Chakras in the human body. The Number 8 Piece is a Bonus Piece from MAGnerds™ Design for an extra Oomph while you read or appreciate the beauty of Colours! Take a closer look at this Number 8 Piece and you will find many hearts of varying colours in it - a reminder that all of us are ONE. These are more than JUST another bookmark. We have created these bookmarks to enhance the readers' energies - reducing boredom and (hopefully) improved retention of positive information from books read!

Each Bookmark has 2 varying sides - Chakra symbol on one side and Affirmation on the other. The Bookmarks are pliable and soft, giving readers peace of mind that these bookmarks only help you to mark your pages and not leave a trace of scratches on your pages.

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The Photographs of this product were taken under natural light source to give you the closest possible appearance of the product. Colours in the Photographs may differ slightly from the actual products.

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Brand name MAGnerds®
Model Number CMB8-AFN
Item Weight 118 g
Product Dimensions 16 x 8 x 0.2 cm
Colour Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Baby Blue, Violet, Indigo, Purple
Material Type BOOKMARKS - Laminated Synthetic Paper + Stronger Rubber Magnet (For Longer, Durable Use)
Total Recycled Content 100
Manufacturer Part Number CMB8-AFN
Shipping Weight 113 g
Date First Available 29 Nov. 2016

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